Thursday, 25 June 2015

Malaysia Airlines trims more Australian flights

The following routes will be trimmed from Malaysia Airlines' flight fequency: 

Melbourne: Effective 2 August - MH146/MH147
Sydney: Effective 3 August - MH142/MH143
Adelaide: Effective 9 August - MH136/MH139 
Perth: Effective 15 August - MH126/MH127

I was on MH146 on my return from Melbourne last September, the downside is to sleep in the airport the night before with McDonalds as the flight is 8am and need to check in and go through all at 6am.. plus some duty-free shopping time and walking through and exploring the quiet eerie airport...

Sleeping on another trolley


That's all the news about Australian routes, hopefully they don't cut anymore..

Next... ASIA!


  1. Such a shame ain't it :(

    1. Yes - especially when they want it back next time, they have to queue all over again and it will take time to reinstate routes..

      But then again, its all for the good if it helps to turn the airline around..


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