Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jetstar shifting to KLIA2

From 8 July onwards, Jetstar Asia Pacific will operate from KLIA2 terminal..

The only reason why I choose Jetstar over the other budget airlines is because of the terminal! I dislike KLIA2 for the fact that it's so overcrowded with ah tiongs and cheapos, not to mention it's a long walk from the terminal to the gates!

Looks like I'll switch to flying just Malaysia Airlines on all my Singapore trips.. (and get recognised each time thanks to my Enrich).. I rather pay a little more to remain in KLIA Main Terminal.. Thank you Jetstar, you've been a great buddy but I can't bring myself to fly with you anymore..

[UPDATE: Not only is the KLIA2 airport tax LOWER than KLIA's, Jetstar has RAISED their (base) fares. Well played!]


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