Thursday, 4 June 2015

1Dog Campaign

Don't question my fondness for dogs - although I don't have a dog - but the recent controversial 1Dog campaign just got me all riled up.. I mean, what is wrong with these people?! Are they sick or what!?

The campaign was aimed at paying whoever 10 fucking ringgit for every dog they brought in to one local municipal council (and of course, to be silenced).. Of course it drew a lot of negative attention and protest and in the same day it was launched, it was cancelled.. It's very inhumane! You can neuter them or put them up for adoption or something to that effect.. SPCA stepped in with the loudest voice.. Kudos!

"Dogfie" with le bf's dog
I am easy going with dogs and they warmed up to me faster than babies do.. Maybe because my Chinese zodiac is a dog as well haha.. Sure dogs may take a while to smell me, climb all over me, but once they know I am not a threat, they see me as a joy!

And for some reasons, male dogs love to hump my leg..

This one agrees for a "dogfie" too..

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