Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Lunch.. daily...

Well, these are just some of my type of lunches daily, for the past one year..

Sometimes I really don't know what to cook, or that I don't feel like eating something, so I am lost for choice.. Other times I can have pretty much something new I wanted to try to make..

But at the end of the day, it comes down to what kind of food that can be kept overnight.. As any person who cooks know, not everything can be kept overnight, for example, vegetables and mushroom (DON'T KEEP MUSHROOM overnight!)..

Apart from that, many says rice also cannot be kept overnight, but honey, let me tell you, to cook fried rice, you have to use rice from the day before, otherwise your fried rice will come out fried porridge.. or something to that effect..

So what's cooking?
A continuation of last posted in November

Salmon fried rice

Vegetarian pasta

Grilled chicken pasta



  1. Good Lord. The food looks gorgeous. *thumbs up*

    1. haha thanks for the compliment.. but they aren't anywhere near to foodie-quality or masterchef quality haha

  2. yo!!!
    Look the those picture i feel hungry already.....


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