Sunday, 31 May 2015

Your blessings

As a gay person, we all have faced with such a situation like Boss did, probably you yourself or your friends.. They say, in a gay relationship there is no monogamy - but is it? I know what I am saying because I have been through it all and I've seen my friends hurt as a result..

I want to share this movie because it resonates.. Four out of five of my relationships ended when it got more crowded..

All I want to say - if your boyfriend is on the phone more often than it should, perhaps you guys need to talk.. Take my advise for it.. Maybe thats why I've always advocate and believe that if you are physically (or even attached to) with someone, please stay faithful or don't get into it at all.. And please put down the phone..

I cried watching this..

After being single for more than a year since my last relationship broke apart, I told myself I will not get involved with anyone until I am sure I am ready.. Maybe I am.. Maybe I am not.. I don't know.. But I am seeing someone now.. However, it won't stop me from giving my everything to him.. I will make it work.. I ask for your blessings, my dear readers..

Do bear with the videos as there's lots of ads, but feel free to skip it.. and watch all 4 of it.. English subtitles are available and accurate..

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