Saturday, 9 May 2015

Another big ticket item purchase

After 8 years of my old Samsung washing machine working tirelessly weekly, it finally gave up.. Hence I have to replace it..

Shopped around with the women in my family in tow, finally settled for yet another Samsung washer.. and yes, paying cash for it, cos I decided not to swipe cards.. It's a decision I made after taking into accounts the additional credit card charges and also because I am learning not to rely on credit cards so much, especially for big ticket items.. So it's more spending on cash now..

Financial management is real shit, let me tell you that.. if you keep on swiping your cards, one day you will have to swipe your butt to pay them off..

The washer came today, and after running a complete cycle to flush the washer of dirts, I made my first wash.. it's so much quieter and with plenty of new features that I will have to spend sometime to explore the functions..

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