Thursday, 28 May 2015

Less Facebook Lesser Stress

How much time do you spend on Facebook actually? 
Do you just browse or do you actively use it? 

For me, I use FB to keep in touch (really?) with friends, to keep abreast of developments of the political scene, to share interesting (and not demeaning) articles which I find useful in personal growth and not of useless contents. There's plenty of junks being shared anyway and I don't mean junks as in 1MDB stories - these are invaluable knowledge!

Sometimes I clicked on shared link/article and then I go, "WTF SERIOUSLY!?".. because the website requires me to "like" their page, to sign up, to agree to something, to allow FB to share information, before I can view the content! I called these rubbish.. UTTER RUBBISH.. I just rolled my eyes at how people can share things without thinking what they have themselves have divulged.. 

I also use FB as a login token for most apps, although I know that information is pretty much shared widely, the fact that I am too lazy to remember login details for all the websites and apps which has different login requirements that I don't bother anymore, these things can be simplified with just using FB token..

FB helped sparked a renewed sense of nationalism especially during the general elections where people are so riled up to the point the country was just divided into two political sides.. Either you are on this side or that side, there's no half-half and no place for those "friendly" or "aligned" but doesn't contest under a flag.. LOL..

So what do I do on FB nowadays? Well most of the time just for photo sharing, keeping updates of people around me and far beyond, looking jealously at their travel photos, and reading up articles people shared, or some sales ads shared by others (not by the establishment themselves).. In fact, I don't follow companies' updates.. "Like" is one thing, to "follow" is another.. I "like" many pages but I don't "follow" them.. 

Pretty much like it.. 

How do you use FB? 

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