Tuesday, 5 May 2015

505 2 years on, Malaysia does not forget


A significant number in the history of Malaysian politics..
And one that has left an impact in the majority of Malaysians who voiced out against election fraud

505 stands for May 5..

On 5 May 2013, more than 11 million Malaysians exercised our citizenry rights to vote for a fair and clean government.. We gave mandate and popular vote to Pakatan Rakyat, the rightful winner of the national elections but thanks to a series of bizarre events and incidents, the results were overturned in favour of the other coalition..

I was at Pakatan Rakyat final rally the night before at Kelana Jaya Stadium, braving the drizzle and listened to the ceramah, after all, that's what being Malaysian is all about.. coming together as one, and as a Malaysian, not by race..

8 May - more than 120,000 people had gathered in Kelana Jaya Stadium to protest against election fraud.. causing the entire LDP to come to a complete standstill while the rally was on.. People parked on the highway and walked, but nobody complained - it was a hope that was to be dashed by dirty elections that ruled in favour of those lesser-popular power-to-be soon after..

This is a Malaysian Tsunami.. not a Chinese Tsunami as claimed by Najib
Photo credits to the original photographer

It's real.. Sunway Toll Plaza, some 4 kilometres away..
Photo credits to the original photographer..

And at the stadium.. 

2 years later, many other things have since happened that saw dissent being silenced by hook or by crook as we also saw tonnes of billions of our hard earned money flushed down the drain just like that (of course, into the pockets of some people at the expense of the country)..

But we will never forget..

The 14th General Election is only but a half way away.. If dirty elections would have its way again, we are lost.. but if a fair elections sees the day, it will go down as one of the most important date in Malaysian history.. we shall rise..

Just wait and see..

Malaysia never forgets..

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