Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ops Warta and you

Starting 19 May, police is going all out to nab traffic offenders for unpaid summons of every kind.. I was made to understand that AES (automatic enforcement system) is not one of it.. This is because since 2012, AES has been frozen but JPJ is still continuing on issuing speed tickets, cos they are hoping that when the court lifts the freeze, they will be able to collect the fines..

The controversy about AES is that law enforcing should be done only by the law enforcement agencies and not a for-profit private entity, a third party company which will get RM16 for every summon paid.. This was very hotly debated to the point the Attorney General through the court, froze all courts proceedings - which means that it is an white elephant now, and hundreds of millions (was it RM700million?) down the drain..

The rule of thumb is - if you have an AES summon (whether pre or post dated 18 Sept 2012), you do not have to pay it owing to the frozen court proceeding, unless that freeze is lifted, the summons do not mean anything to anyone.. It is as good as wipe backside paper..

However, should one day the freeze be lifted and ruled that all offenders to pay, then please pay.. Or that we all hoped and wished that the summons will be cancelled and written off and those who have paid be refunded, that is the struggle and fight of all Malaysians..

This matter is very deep in my heart for me... cos I have one AES summon dated August 2013 for that one stupid AES near Slim River NSE North Bound..

Yes, that VERY AES we all know..

The AES camera near Slim River. 
Photo undated - unable to confirm if it's still there. Last I past by, it wasn't there anymore. 

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