Monday, 11 August 2014

Watching movie in a D-BOX cinema

D-Box leather seats
Source: online
D-Box is the newest technology Golden Screens Cinemas (GSC) brings to our shore, the first in Malaysia can be found in GSC 1 Utama.. According to GSC, the other 2 cinemas will be Pavilion and Midvalley before the end of the year..

To find out more about this technology, visit I watched "Into The Storm" in DBOX this evening..

My verdict?
While the movie storyline is okay (not very good, yet not bad either).. There's several scenes where I was shocked..  Younger brother Trey is kinda not bad with his buff body although he's fully clothed all the time..

Seat controller located on
the right hand side
Source: online
The vibrations the seat generated is awesome, although I wished it had moved more, much like a motion master kinda feel, it just tilted a little to the sides, shook a little and that's about it.. There were several scenes in the movie in which I felt there could be more motion..

I also felt the seat is a bit too upright, it didn't have the recline that a normal GSC seat has.. The whole movie you can't slump - have to sit upright and the headrest is just annoying..

There are 4 levels of vibrations intensity.. Being a "traditional" bottom, of course I went for Level 4 intensity.. but I wished it really had vibrated more..

Will I watch another movie in DBOX again? I will, but that movie will have to be soooo good to make it worth paying for a DBOX seat.. Otherwise, go on off peak hours like early morning and pay for a normal seat and when there's no one else sitting there, you can actually change your seat to a DBOX seat.. After all, only like 20% of the hall is DBOX seats, the rest are normal seats..

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