Thursday, 14 August 2014

Some useless life facts about me

In case you care to know more than the face behind this blog..

1. I did not complete university.
MMU Cyberjaya
Yes, I dropped out of Multimedia University (MMU). Partly it's because it's Money Making University or Mickey Mouse University - I can't decide which. And then I went out working several jobs, and finally enrolled for a one-year part-time evening course in MDIS in Singapore, paid for in cash, which I saved up from working 12 hours a day and a few weeks without any off days at one-go.

MDIS Queenstown
I remembered during the Christmas seasons, I worked extra hard from 9am to 1am every day in December just to earn the extra bucks. It sure paid off well.

I was a fighter and I am a fighter. If I really put my heart and soul into it, I can make things happen. It did. I came back with the certificate anyway.

2. I used to hate sushi.
In fact, sushi was (one and) the last of the major arguments I had with my first ex. He dragged me to Sushi King, but I walked myself out of the restaurant and relationship. I was only 18-19 years old.

But now I swear I love sashimi (and sushi) - thanks to something I called proving myself wrong. Well, at least after that I did try to have some sushi and got hooked on ever since. He knew it and we bumped into each other in Japanese restaurants through the years but I never spoken a word with him ever since.

3. I actually like the smell of fresh paint.
It gives me a sense of "newness". But in all my life, I've only painted my own walls like once in my lifetime.. Maybe I should embark on a painting project hehehe.. anyway, am planning to renovate my bathroom probably next year cos the tile walls are falling apart already.. Gonna hack the whole bathroom and rebuild it from scratch..

4. I sucks in racquet games, but I can play squash well.
Oxymoron much, right? I know hahahhaa.. I cannot play badminton, tennis, or even baseball for that matter, but I grew up playing squash in school and college.

5. Number of EX-es.
Five. Between 2000 and 2014.
First, about a year plus.
Second, about 4 years. Half of which was long-distance when I was overseas.
Third, about 3 years.. whom I still misses sometimes.. I still think of him and "us" and what could've been if we are still together.. sometimes.. oh well.. its over..
Fourth, less than a year. Long-distance across the causeway.
Fifth and most recent, less than 2 years.

6. I've never participated in a run before.
I am not a fan of running, it hurts my knee much (I injured my knee before).. but then again, I've only participated once in KL Towerthon in 2012, scaling the tower in under 30 minutes, not an achievement but it's an accomplishment.. The stairs were dark and poorly lit and not ventilated.. Hence running up the stairs and many soon find themselves out of breath.. I double-stepped all the way up.. Setting my target next on Taipei 101 when the time is right :)

7. I love beaches, seaside and watching the waves pound against the sand.
There's one time I was so down, I drove to Klebang Beach in Melaka just to sit on the beach and relax and then come back at night.. Watching the waves and the sea calms me a lot.. Maybe I should retire and buy a beach front property one day..

8. I've never really been fat before.
The fattest I've ever been was a couple years back... I think waist 34 or something weighing about 68kg, right before I started Bodycombat.. Since then my weigh has always hover around 62kg +/-.. So I'm sorry I really don't know how it feels like to be fat, or why people can be fat (whether is it genetics, or poor lifestyle choices).. All I know is that, there's nothing exercise can't fix, only lazy people..

9. Suicide isn't something new to me.
I attempted to slit my wrist before in 1998.. That scar across the 2 converging veins was a testament of my past and is still vaguely visible but only under bright light.. Undeniably, it was a stupid thing to do, but one of the bravest thing I've ever did.. That was the year I was struggling with my sexuality and trying to coming to terms.. I was thinking to myself, "why me?"

Those days there weren't much information available online - I was very lost.. I remember I have nobody to turn to, no one to talk to and no friends whom I can talk to, so I turned to the internet.. The first gay friend I ever chatted with was someone whom I used to play Yahoo pool with and coincidently was gay too.. He was an American a couple years older, quite hot, and we spent many, many days talking about being gay and such.. Sadly, we lost touched over the years.. I've tried to track him down in Facebook but the problem is - I forgot how he looks like! It's been 16 years.. people would've changed a lot I'm sure..

And that's how my coming out to myself begins..

10. I spent more than a week writing this.
Because I really don't know what to write :)

Now you all know something more about me now...

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