Monday, 18 August 2014

Random Day

Yesterday was a day for random things.. but before I write, let me just say, my readers aka some of you, actually came forth and say hi to me in the gym when I was dripping in sweat all over and in hawker centres munching my food.. Well, I appreciate that, at least I can put a face to some of you who read my ramblings, haven't got the time to pen this down but hey thanks for saying hi (Y*** or I assumed that's how it's spelt?) and (S*****)..

Anyway, back to the Randomness of yesterday, actually I planned something for myself to do, so I woke up extra early and got to the supermarket to get my weekly groceries, and as I was browsing the aisle, I remembered I wanted to try cooking curry, so I looked for the stuffs I will need to cook it - not knowing how.. but I did ask my mom couple weeks ago..

Once I got home, I started cooking and planning to eat it for lunch..

Then BFF called and asked to hang out - I said sure.. Actually I wanted to go to the beach and just lie down on the sand, but since he called, I forego my own plan and went out with him..

We went for lunch and then took a detour to Lake Gardens..

Lake Gardens
Now, I have moved to KL since 2000 (saved for the 3 years I spent living in Singapore), but I have never step foot into Lake Gardens, or more so because I don't exactly know where it is.. HAHA (same like I don't know where TTDI park is as well despite living just next to TTDI for the last 7 years).

Samsung was having a carnival at Lake Gardens and we popped by to a friend's stall to say hello and to look see look see.. Since it's my first time there, we walked around the lake a bit and then found this new dock that I loved so much, and it's well, kinda deserted..

So naturally me, took off my Havainnas flip-flop and sat down on the dock.. Immediately I felt so relax and calm.. it's the water effect, despite the lake water being dark green, it didn't bother me.. There's a couple of ducks and swans in the horizon in the centre island and it's just beautiful..

Reminds me of the time I sit beside Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland watching ducks swim..

So I spent like a good half an hour lying on the dock, it's well shaded by huge trees so it's windy and cooling despite the scorching heat and blazing sun..

Full of sweat, we left Lake Gardens and as if the unspoken rule, my friend drove towards Duke Highway, onto Genting Highlands.. Well, we actually planned to go up during the Raya weekend but the entire stretch of highway was jammed to the brink, so we postpone, little did we know, we went up yesterday, for lots of Starbucks!

Mandatory Starbucks shot

Walking around in shorts and the weather up there was really chilly that evening, it was quite windy and misty.. I missed the temperature reading in First World Hotel but I bet it's below 20 degrees Celcius, a rare weather for Genting, now that it has grown warmer than before..

A little more selfie before coming down

So we explored around on foot, looking at the 20th Century Fox theme park progress.. it's huge to say the least, 2 more years, after all, they have been digging for the past year.. what's coming up next will be exciting :)
20th Century Fox theme park at its infancy

And then we came back down at night and I cooked dinner - noodles with curry gravy! What do you think? Hahaaa...

Home-cooked curry chicken noodles :)


  1. TTDI Park?????? ---- Hahahaha....There is one called Taman Aman, with a lake, near Sri Aman girls school also .....

    1. LOL.. dont know where's that.. TTDI got school?


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