Sunday, 24 August 2014

Insane weekend

This weekend is where epic-ness revealed itself at the LESMILLS Kuala Lumpur Super Workshop for the quarter 3..

I wrote a lengthy thought on BODYCOMBAT 61 here, do read if you are into BODYCOMBAT.. it's really hardcore, epic and evil.. Yes, epic is the word used quite a lot throughout the whole 1 hour of class..

As for BODYBALANCE 66 which will be my initial module training release coming in Oct, I only can say it's a beautiful release with super evil abs tracks, which I am praying very, very hard not to be assigned that!! LOL..

This weekend alone, it has been an amazing weekend for me to get to know the LesMills Asia Pacific BODYBALANCE presenters team from Malaysia (of course as they are FF superstars), Singapore and Indonesia. Many heard that I am taking up the training and offered me advice and tips which I really, really appreciate! Instructors from both Fitness First and True Fitness also gave their support and encouragement.. I've never felt so loved before :)

One of you, a reader whom is also an instructor, sneaked up behind me just before the BODYCOMBAT session and say hi.. Hey friend, I didn't get your name cos of the music, buzz me! :)

As news traveled, I have also found out the dates of the NEXT workshop! LOL talking about Q3 not even here yet, and Q4 is already cast in stone..

Nov 21-22: Singapore & KL Metro Workshops
Nov 28-29: Jakarta & Bangkok Super Workshops

Last but not least, this is also to shoutout to Reebok for extending generous discounts to all LESMILLS instructors! Sooner or later, instructors will be donning Reebok clothing.. slowing phasing out Nikes, Adidas and the rest of the brands.. This is part of our commitment as LESMILLS have tied up with Reebok..


  1. Hi there! How are you! so nice to see you in person...
    sorry didnt get back to you sooner... was a bit busy catching up with work...
    will email you later for more stories ...


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