Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I can't believe someone said this to me.

I was rudely shocked to hear of a friend's passing, from Facebook. 

As I struggled to find out more details and more specifically details about the funeral so that I can do my part, one last time, to pay my respects and bid goodbye. This is what was shoved into my face in my FB comment publicly. 

It's not about "caring" after one has passed on, but more it's about paying one's last respect. There is no excuse not to pay your last respect, and denying one that right is just plain selfish or should I say, fucktard, just because this person claims to be "much closer" to the deceased than I was. 


I've known Clement for many, many years, way longer than I know this person who wrote this comment (and yea I don't hang out with this person - maybe he's bitter, that's why). We used to go clubbing together every weekend in MarketPlace, and used to hang out before, during and after gym. He was a really funny person, in the sense that I will remember him by for his witty but lame (cold) jokes, that he always flashed a smile and waiting for the moment I facepalmed.

Until recent years I stopped clubbing (since giving up alcohol) and changed gym from CF to FF, we saw of each other less often, sometimes only bump into one another in the streets at most. Despite meeting lesser, no doubt the times spent face-to-face was far more than time spent online, and I certainly do not need to prove it to this person how much time I spent with Clement. 

Because fuck you. 

For friends who knew me, I don't always take pictures with friends, as evidently tagged in FB, there's only a handful pictures of me with friends, with a hell majority are selfies. I have nothing against taking pictures with friends, but it's more of a privacy thing to not post pictures up - there are people don't like to be tagged here and there, and I obviously respect that. Hence, I just post my own selfies to remind myself I have been there (with who and did what). 

And obviously I don't have many pictures of me and friends together - to "prove" we hangout. 

I have nothing to prove. 

Let us all remember something : that being friends doesn't mean you have to constantly see each other and to be with each other all the time. A simple hello once in a while suffice. 


  1. I do agree with you Eric. Regardless how close or not to that person, the person has somehow be it little or more, made an impact in our lives. The least we can do is offer our sincere condolences to his family and pay our last respects. In the course of our lives, we sometimes to remember the good old days.

  2. It makes one sad to see got people can even DARE think about making that sort of comment. My respect is with you on this one :(

  3. Even if we don't know the deceased, can still pay last respect.

  4. death is not the end, it may be for the mortal body, but never for the soul, don't grieve, for the deceased is in a beautiful place, near to the creator who is the source of all unconditional love :)


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