Tuesday, 28 June 2016

From Melbourne to Sydney

After spending 5 days in Melbourne, it's time for the next leg of the trip, to Sydney..

It was my second Sydney trip after going solo in Sept 2014, and now I am back again here, with the family..

It was barely 7am when we left our hotel towards the airport, having bear in mind that it will be a long commute because of the heavy traffic expected that morning, and the nasty crawl outside Tullamarine.. 

Me seated and all good to go

First time flying with Qantas.. first flight with Qantas in a domestic leg..

Qantas domestic terminal


That's the 737 that would be flying us..

Gate 9
Surprisingly, the 737 interior looks awesome and good..
And it's comfortable too.. and you get your welcome message

There's also Seat-To-Seat Messaging.. means if you see someone you fancy on board...
hhehe.. how about a quickie text?

Simple refreshment for the 1 hour flight.. No options, unfortunately it's beef balls..
I cannot eat so I gave it away...

I love flying

Landed in Sydney Airport

Warning: Photo taking on the tarmac is an offence. I got reprimanded for taking this selfie..

Hmm.. I wouldn't want to go through the anus of that thing..

So I walked beside it...
Our pickup was late and by the time we got to our apartment, it was around noon (or was it afternoon, cant' remember).. We stayed in Haymarket, nearby to Chinatown and two roads away from Sussex Street.. teeheee...

Apartment booked on airbnb because hotel rooms in Sydney is ridiculously expensive.. and we got the apartment for a week for about AUD2k..

Living room with sofa beds, and a huge balcony

Master bedroom with a balcony

Room 2

Common bathroom

View.. overlooking Central Station on the far right..

Looking down, I spotted the rainbow flag, on Goulburn St

Yay see the train?

Full equipped kitchen

After settling down, we went out for a walk and orientation for my parents on what to do around the place we stay.. in case they need to go out on their own to the supermarket or something..

Yup, nobody can get tired of this view... 

Selfies and more selfies

Stopped for a drink pre-dinner

Drinking beer because it's cold at night

Family photo - we're having our dinner nearby the Opera House..
Dinner costs about a few hundred AUD


  1. That's a nice photo of the statue of Queen Victoria with the QVB as a back drop. Did you manage to sneak away to 357 in Sussex st. LOL. What is like going to Sydney the second time round and which city do you prefer. Sydney or Melbourne?

    1. Thankyou.. I was walking past and thought the same too.. and kept snapping away..

      Hahah.. 357? Yeah.. But that was on another day :)

      Well, going back for the second time round feels like returning to a familiar place, and not looking lost anymore.. but the excitement was still there.. like yay, Im here again kinda feel..

      Comparing apple to apple, I prefer Sydney better.. no, not because of 357 but more because I personally prefer bigger cities.. there's more things to keep me busy.. Not saying I dont like Melbourne, but I don't get the same excitement going back to Melbourne second time round.... hahaha... I was born a city boy and grew up surrounded by concrete jungles..


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