Sunday, 19 June 2016

Family Vacation

Continuing where I left off... so busy till I don't have the time to update my blog much..

Plenty of changes at work recently that forced me to maximise my brain juice.. and when I get home at night, I just want to sleep and not look at the computer.. In fact, I didn't even watch TV for the last couple weeks.. merely watching some YouTube and then off to bed I go..

So for now let me continue with my Australian trip in April!

First stop was Melbourne, for 5 days..

This is rather old-school but it does what it's supposed to do.. and it's free..

Visitng Eureka Tower again, cos my parents wanna see the view from up there..

It's 6am in the morning and we're waiting for the bloody bus for our day tour..

Misty Melbourne after the storm..

This time I get closer to the arch.. and stood in the middle of the road for it.. 

Nice beach and super cold..

Great Ocean Road

Travelling with Grayline this time to the GOR..
The burnt down eucalyptus forest last December.. all the koalas were gone :(

I stood up on the edge this time, and then sat down cos the wind was too strong..!

Different varieties of fish.. 

Yup I love to roll on the grass...

Smile with you.

Drama Queen

On a good day, managed to catch the apostles.. cos there's no sun.. I am such a happy boy cos it's worth a second visit

Amazing view

No Filter

The other two lonely apostles..

I came in on a wrecking ball...

Yes yes I know... 

Here marks the start of one of the great Australian walks.. 

Up next.. continuation of my Melbourne trip...

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