Thursday, 23 June 2016

Conversation with the Ex.

Yesterday, for the first time in more than 2 years after we broke off, the ex-boyfriend and I had a couple of minutes of chat..

All these while, we have been just messaging but only on matters like his travel-related stuffs.. We do bump into one another in the gym on and off but never really talked, merely just "hi" and "bye".. In fact, after we broke off, I actually avoided him, like most regular couples do..

Weeks turned into months and months turned into years..

So as it was a public holiday yesterday, I went to gym at noon.. I chose to go Manulife cos of the free parking and it being in a office building means that lesser crowd, lesser people and more time for my workout.. I usually go to The Curve after work but I don't go there on weekends and public holidays, thanks to the malls and IKEA which are heavily packed..

Halfway through my free weights set, he saw me and came over and sat down on the bench beside mine and we had a few words much like old times before we got together.. Well, nothing emotional, just catching up and you know, the usual stuffs..

I'm really glad we both managed to put our past behind us and did not let it bother us anymore.. After all, it's been so long.. I only wish happiness for him..

While I'm still here, still searching for the someone to settle down with..


  1. My ex cut off all contacts with me, unfriended me on FB, avoided me in gathering... I became a stranger...

    1. That's normal.. I never see all my other ex-es anymore after all ended..


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