Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I found Dory in Sydney

Started my day early.. first off was to head to the gym.. I cannot afford to get fat (which I am sort of).. 

There's a huge mirror and one couldn't resist

From the downstairs of the apartment block

The street name says....
just next block to where I was staying.. 

It's good they decided to use trams instead of busses.. 

Makes travelling a lot easier..

Bright sunny Sydney morning, very, very hot!
- Prymont Bridge

Maritime museum in Darling Harbour

Prymont Bridge

The day was so hot, we decided to go to Sydney Aquarium so that my nephew can learn about fishes and marine life..

That's one ugly looking fish

Yes, I found Dory.. So please stop finding Dory ok? She's here and she's doing fine.. err.. but which one is she?

Apparently I have memory lapse too..

Do you know what dugongs have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, the menu should give you some clues!

The great white shark

Is it me, or does this thing looks quite obscene?

Nemo was here too
They say you can be anything, so these fish decided to be unicorn fish!

Darling Harbour Wharf

A junk at Maritime Museum Darling Harbour


  1. you're fat meh.... *skeptical*

    1. Lol! Siao la. By the way, the f-ing ugly fish is a moray eel. Haha

    2. Lol!!! Say like that u win liao lor.

      Btw, the f-ing ugly fish is moray eel

    3. Hahahaha .. yes I am fat!

    4. Oh thanks for the fish name #ILearnSomethingNew

  2. At least you are fit-ter than me..


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