Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Travel is the only expenses I never regret spending

In life, one cannot run away from the big ticket items spending.. It can be a house, a car, gadgets, travels and what nots..

I am not a gadget person.. In fact, I am contended with whatever works.. I don't need the latest phone or the latest tablet.. I don't need the most fancy car, one that suffice in doing what it needs to do with the least amount of upkeep (if I stay within Klang Valley in the entire month, my fuel consumption is only an average of 100 litres.. or 2 tanks' worth.) but enough for me to not even consider a local brand for it's infamous problems and milo tin quality..

When it comes to travel, I pay for the experience.. I don't just become a tourist (of course I still do touristy stuff), I go to a place and I experience life..

Nudity permitted yo!
Like going nude in Sydney's nudity permitted clothing optional Obelisk Beach.. I am not sure why many have not been/heard, won't you want to try it?

After all, it's PERMITTED! Let me tell you, the awesome possum experience is far greater than there is to be shy about.. Go alone, if going with friends isn't your kind of thing..

Uh.. I'm actually gonna go Australia again for Chinese New Year next year for family holiday.. so no nude and 357 :(((

12 Apostles helicopter ride
If there is a helicopter ride and it will be a life time opportunity to get on it, I will, and I did (at 12 Apostles).. If there is a super cool roller coaster, in fact most roller coasters are super cool, I will get on it..

I've had amazing travel experiences that I never regret spending for.. and it'll not stop here, it will continue to be something I will continue to spend on..

And having said that, I am going on my 16th Bangkok trip this weekend.. my last trip was 2 years ago, it's about time again yo lol! Although I have been contemplating on taking on a cooking class while I am there, I am still unsure if I would want to, mainly because the menu isn't something I can't make..

I guess I'll just leave Bangkok as what it should be - a "gay city"..



  1. is something that you never reget...

    ps : wow...that ass...fantastic...hahaha :-P

    1. Hehe :)
      Feel the breeze between the legs.. such awesome feel!


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