Friday, 10 July 2015

Sushi Tsen

A little less than 15 years ago, I swear off Japanese food cos I don't eat.. But once tried now I'm hooked onto Japanese cuisine! 

Like every week I have to eat something Japanese lol!!

Tonight I tried Sushi Tsen in Atria Shopping Gallery.. 

I dined by myself cos the boyfriend is in Amsterdam at the moment.. And I ordered 5 kinds of sashimi, oyako don and soft shell crab.. Here's what I think.. 

Oyako don at RM11.80 before GST looks just like any where else, portion is big and it's okay.. No comments whatsoever..

Next is soft shell crab.. A very far cry from the "illustration purposes only" menu.. At RM16.80 before GST, it's pricey and not tasty at all.. Too much batter and hey, why did they use tempura batter again!??

The 5-kinds of sashimi.. It's good and worth the RM29.80 before GST.. The pieces are thick and fresh..

As I finish off my meal, I can't help but notice this..

For a long time, that piece of cloth and the soap spray lies on the floor.. And this the is the same cloth that is used to wipe the tables "clean"..

I don't know what to think..

But I think I just proven the 5 second or 3 second rule don't apply anymore.. Let's just say, while you dine in Sushi Tsen, any food that drops onto the table, please throw it away..

My verdict:
Service: 5 thumbs up 
Food quality: 3 thumbs up
Portion: depends. Sushi plates are tiny but you can't complain for the price of RM1.80/RM2.80/RM3.80 a plate.. I'll give it 3 thumbs up. 
Price: depends. Some are worth it, some not. I'll give it 3 thumbs up also..


  1. I thought that was a piece of turd lol.

    1. Hahahahah!!! Oh boy.. I don't wanna know :p


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