Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Aussie Specialist

Finally one of the most valuable certification I have, is now in physical certificate form!

The framed certificate arrived today to my office in the mail, and after more than a year of me passing the course.. an annual recertification is required to keep the status active..

In the Aussie Specialist Program, there are 23 modules to sit for and attain a minimum of 90% pass to graduate.. each module is a pre-requisite before moving on to the next one..


  • Module 1 About Australia
  • Module 2 ACT & Canberra
  • Module 3 New South Wales
  • Module 4 Northern Territory
  • Module 5 Queensland
  • Module 6 South Australia
  • Module 7 Tasmania
  • Module 8 Victoria
  • Module 9 Western Australia
  • Module 10 Australia's Big Cities
  • Module 11 Aboriginal Australia
  • Module 12 Nature in Australia
  • Module 13 Australia's Outback
  • Module 14 Aussie Coastal Lifestyle
  • Module 15 Australian Journeys
  • Module 16 - reading -
  • Module 17 Meetings & Incentives
  • Module 18 Accommodations
  • Module 19 - Itinerary Planning (assignment) -
  • Module 20 Group Tour Planning
  • Module 21 Group Tour Managing
  • Module 22 Experimental Luxury - Aussie Lifestyle
  • Module 23 Restaurant Australia
In each module, there are examinable questions from as little as 7 questions to as many as 30 questions.. 

At the end of the course, I have to submit my assignment which the questions (I was told) can be random.. you are given a scenario and work out the itinerary planning for the question, by applying all that is learnt in the course.. 

After that, one is deemed to have passed and is certified Specialist.. As a specialist, I attend each of Tourism Australia's events be it by the national tourism board or the respective state tourism branch.. 

And that is how this came in the mail :) 

So who's up for Australia? 

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