Monday, 23 March 2015

What Singapore has given me

Today as we mourn the passing of the legendary Mr Lee Kuan Yew, let us reflect on his greatest achievements that brought Singapore to where she is today. Without his struggles, blood and sweat, Singapore would not have come this far to become a financial and economic superpower from a third to first world nation in under 50 years..

My thoughts and prayers are with the Singaporeans today as you have lost a great remarkable leader.. How do I wish we Malaysia have a leader of such integrity and stance as him..


Being closely "attached" to Singapore gave me a sense of "attachment" to the great nation.. My many firsts are with Singapore actually.. After all, I spent many early years working for Singapore companies and went to a Singaporean college and earned my certificate..

My first overseas trip was to Singapore.. Being 18 and know nothing about travelling, I hopped on to a bus and headed down south anyway.. That was my first time away from Malaysia..

I started my first full time job with Diners Club International in Kuala Lumpur, the branch office reports to Singapore Diner's Club and in the course of my work, we often converse through the secure instant messaging and sometimes phone calls.. That's how I began to reach out to Singaporeans..

My next stint saw me packing up my bags and moving to Singapore for greener pastures in 2003.. I began working for Wing Tai Asia but not for long before Bossini Singapore invited me over to join their expansion plans.. I stayed on with Bossini for the next 3 years with my first posting in Orchard Building and moving over to People's Park taking over the outlet..

My 3 years spent in Singapore saw me through college.. I have the support of the company to pursue part time studies and in the evening after work, I took a bus from the food centre behind People's Park headed to Queenstown where my campus is, every weekday for almost a year, whether is it to attend lectures, tutorials or simply to study..

I am a proud graduate of Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) with my certificate awarded by Oklahoma City University..

In 2006, I returned to KL when my condominium was ready for occupancy.. I joined IKEA-IKANO, whose regional office was, yep, in Singapore..

3 years gone by before I was offered another job with another Singaporean company - Home Fix, where I again spent the next 3 years helping to build the brand in Malaysia.. I left Home Fix in 2012 and marking the end of my "relationship" with Singaporean companies..

Somewhere in between, I also have a Singaporean boyfriend, but it's more sad story than anything else, one who betrayed my trusts in every way ever imagined.. I stopped believing in long-distance relationships learning from this..

The glory of Singapore didn't stop here, my stint inspired my brother to study in Singapore for 4 years in NTU and eventually obtained his permanent residence status last year is testament of what Singapore can give him, and how my family believe in Singapore is better than Malaysia.. I am a firm believer he should not come back to Malaysia..

Notwithstanding my not-so-glamorous career and failed relationship, nevertheless, I am glad to have know many, many nice and friendly (natural born) Singaporeans.. Friendships that lasted over the many years through the various stints, from work, from college, from gym and from friends of friends, from social media to social network, thank you for being you..

Thank you Singapore for being the nation that shaped half my life and my brother's in pursuit of better life..

Thank you to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Singaporeans for making Singapore what she is today..

I still joked about how I can chew gum as and when and wherever I liked, and used to smoke as and when and wherever I liked.. And the kind of feeling you get crossing the Johor Straits by road back into Malaysian soil (or departing off Changi)..

My thoughts and prayers goes out to all Singaporeans on your loss..


  1. Its a matter of choice.There ups n downs anywhere we choose to live..its how one adjust to the environs..

    1. Agreed..

      Hence I am back in Malaysia for good cos there's no place like home! I feel more at ease in KL than in Singapore.. at least I am a local and not a "foreign talent" trying to "break the Singaporeans' ricebowl"


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