Saturday, 14 March 2015

"I Fine Thank You Love You"

Last night, on my boys' night out, we watched two movies back to back, impromptu decision but it was a good one.. Bought 1 movie in the evening just before knocking off from work, and bought another while at the cinema waiting for the first one to start..

First off was Cinderella at 10.20pm.. the movie does not deviate from the original "Cinderella" story we grew up to know and it was quite predictable.. However the graphics and effects were just good I think..

As soon as the lights came on, we ran out of the hall and into the next for our next movie, albeit a couple minutes late - I Fine Thank You Love You.. it is a Thai comedy about an English tutor who fell for her student while tutoring him.. the movie poked fun at the lingual-challenged Thais who cannot speak proper English..

Throughout the movie, it was all laughter and all, but at the back of my head, I thought about someone, because of the line in the movie..

"We write our own destiny"

"Sometimes some of us don't want a prince charming in our lives - we just want someone who happened to walk into our lives at the right time at the right moment".

... or something to that effect.. I cannot remember the exact words, wait till the download version is available, but for now, let me just take it as how I thought I remember it..


It's been a year already since my ex and I broke up, nevertheless I am on good terms with my ex and definitely no hard feelings between us, which definitely made it easier for us to get over it.. and in this one year, I was not interested nor keen in seeing (dating) anyone.

... yet
On one hand, I want to write my own destiny like how the storyline in "I Fine Thank You Love You", but on the other hand, it's also true that "not everyone wants a prince charming, but maybe a someone that is there all along.. we just don't know it"..

Am I?


  1. Replies
    1. I am not talking about the kind of sweet that makes diabetes

    2. hahaha ya i know... :)
      sweet only i feel it ma...

  2. Hey, be confident in yourself. I'm sure you have your special talent as well. You can do this. Charm him with your personality. :)
    Good luck!!

    1. What personality? Lol u mean my bitchy shitty personality? 他那可能会看上我..

    2. No, not Bitchy and Shitty. It's Bold and Sincere personality that you have. Have faith! ;)


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