Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spotlight. Eyes on you.

A new home furnishing outlet has opened on Level 2 of IPC Shopping Centre --> Spotlight, an Australian brand, opened their second outlet in Malaysia last week..

No wonder the name sound so familiar! I mean, I didn't know Spotlight have an outlet already in Ampang Point (maybe cos I don't go to that side of the world), but when I saw it in IPC, I was like "hmm.. this name is very familiar - where have I seen it"..

When I saw that it is from Australia, then only I remembered! Because I browsed around some Spotlight stores while I was in Australia! Mostly for their kitchen and craft selection! Gosh - you should see what they have!

The bathroom selection is a disappointment though as I was looking for things to makeover my bathroom.. If you have been to my house, my bathroom is overdue for a makeover (read: renovation).. I'm just beginning to look for things that I can install when I finally (FINALLY) get down to actually doing the renovation.. It will probably gonna cost me a couple of thousands to tear apart the whole bathroom and redo it again..

Anyway I began to spend some time in the store to browse around and to make a mental note of what they have in there..

Eventually I just bought a mug, a huge mug that is.. Then I remember if I were to have only a cup of whatever, I will use this huge mug! LOL..

It's only RM3.99.. Cheap..

I have been looking for such a huge mug because I am too lazy to get refills everytime I have something to drink and I wanted a huge mug that is sufficiently enough.. Finally found it in Spotlight! Even Ikea also don't have!

Spotlight membership card
Every new customer is given a membership card for free which you can activate online, and enter the competition to be in the running to win a trip to Gold Coast.. You see, I loved Australia a lot especially Gold Coast as the last trip I didn't have much time..

Hopefully I can win the trip! HAHA!

I also checked out their website for the online catalogue to see what other sales items they have.. More fabric and then linens and bedsheets and towels - most of the stuffs I don't need so yeah, I flipped through the pages just as quickly.. But at least when I was in the physical store, I made a mental note of the crafts section of creative beautiful little things that I can buy as gifts for all the artsy-fartsy people I know..

I find the prices in Spotlight are okay - some are reasonable and some I would say are overpriced.. Not that I won't pay for beautiful things, it's just things that are not supposed to be priced at that level that puts me off..

On the staff attitude, some are attentive (at least they let you have space to browse and not follow you around and fixing every fucking thing you touch) but most are just in the world of their own, either grouping up chatting or having fun - I shall give the benefit of the doubt to them as I went to the store quite late in the evening and maybe the staff deserves some chill time.. I have worked in a front-line retail so I know how tiring it must be to stand all day and dealing with people, hopefully not fussy enough to bang head on the wall..

Visit their store at:
Level 2 IPC Shopping Centre (formerly Pet Safari outlet) beside Popular. 


DISCLAIMER: This post is solely my opinion and my experience shopping in Spotlight and is no way endorsed nor solicited by Spotlight. 

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