Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My fund manager

In my early 20s, I began playing the stock market.. Nobody taught me how, nobody guided me how, I just dived in with some money and learn how to buy and sell.. I was with OSK Securities for a number of years before switching to Jupiter Securities, mainly for the brokerage fees were much lower with better customer service and assistance from the remisiers..

I withdrew when the economy slipped in the last couple of years and the market has been volatile ever since, kinda unpredictable.. Hence, I didn't transact much these days.. just some shares here and there..

Now in my early 30s, I began investing in funds.. Again, not knowing (initially) what growth fund is, what mutual fund is, what equity is bla bla bla (it should be taken with a pinch of salt that my financial knowledge were pretty bad), but I trusted myself, and more so, I trusted my fund manager and him making me understand simply what I needed to know to began investing..

He is someone I know from the gym.. I first heard his presentation on the funds more than a year ago, but I told myself I needed to educate myself and learn what is what before parting with my money.. I sat on it for more than a year - and thinking and considering hard my options and all..

Before CNY last month, I sat down with him again to go through all the investments that I can go into, and signed off some papers, officially investing my EPF money.. For me it was quite simple - to have a sizeable retirement fund.. With the projected returns, I hope the projection will not run very far.. I am planning on investing in a PRS next.. This will form the part of retirement fund that I so needed come retirement age..

At his company awards presentation recently, he won two coveted awards for his achievement.. And not only has he proven his calibre and ability with trusts from his clients, I believe I am on the right track..

Two top awards, Million Dollar Club and a promotion to Agency Manager for KEN Wealth Management Agency.

So friends - if you're mulling about wanting to invest but not sure how to begin or go about it, give him a call.. Ken Mun patiently explains to you what is your options after hearing what you want to achieve.. Get his contacts from me!

Also, don't you think he's quite handsome?


  1. WA...no bad!
    Have a bit like the Jeffrey zhuang.
    Really is inside and outside look so good.
    Oops! sorry my air liur leak!
    But I think his is straight guy.
    My seven sense tell me that.

    1. U need to install eigth sense. Number seven Rosak!!!!

    2. O,yeah!
      I get what you mean already...
      Really need to go low yat buy a new one.

    3. yerr lowyat so beng,,,


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