Monday, 2 March 2015

A Tourist in My City

Last week I took a day off and wander around Kuala Lumpur, doing some touristy things with my Singaporean friend..

I have not been up to KL Tower for a long while as a tourist (except the time in 2012 where I climbed the tower in the KL Towerthon Night Race).. So with my friend in tow, we went up the tower.. The entrance fee was god-damn fucking expensive, not to mention there's practically nothing much to do up there..

For Malaysian, it's a freaking RM69 while foreigners it's RM99 for the open deck level.. Such a god damn money making scam..

Warning: There's nothing much out there that you can see from the TH01 Observation level, in my humble opinion, so save yourself the extra bucks and spend it on the unique food Malaysia has to offer, instead...

The pro is you can take better pictures of the city..

Con is.. you'll feel as though you're conned.. Just that.. :)

Part KL skyline from above

Into the horizon we stared

How can one not have a selfie with the towers?
Not that I have not been up at the 88th floor of the Twin Towers..
Been up there in 2003 when I was visiting Accenture's office and decided to take the lift up anyway..


  1. Really is just when see it the view and WOW!
    After that,nothing special lol.

    1. Looks nice from outside and lobby, but inside.. yuck. .and basement.. yuck


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