Friday, 20 January 2017

The 18th Bangkok Trip

Just came back from my recent birthday holiday to Bangkok - it being my 18th time since 2001.. I have to travel earlier this year because the birthday falls on Chinese New Year, so I cannot travel too late..

I have been going to Bangkok at a rate of once per year, some years more than once, twice and some years none.. The last time I was in Bangkok was July 2015..

This trip I brought someone along with me as it was his first trip to Thailand.. So I kinda showed him around the Bangkok I knew but we skipped Babylon of course =)

We flew in on Thai Airways TG416 on 14 January and departed on TG417 18 January.. I booked a Deluxe King room in Marriott Marquis Bangkok for 4 nights, and because it's my birthday trip and with some personal connection with the sales directors, I gotten myself a sweet half price off my stay..

Thai Airways A330

It's an older aircraft and the legroom is kinda limited

Against the afternoon sun

TG416 KULBKK lunch - chicken noodles

As usual, immigration at Survanabhumi arrival was horrendous and it took us an hour to clear the queue and then another hour to get to our hotel..

Taxi queue lady's job has been replaced by machines

Tucked away in Sukhumvit Soi 22, the hotel was formerly Imperial hotel with over a thousand rooms before Marriott took over and refurbished the entire building and officially opened for business in December 2016.. It has 2 outdoor pools at levels 4 and 9, but the pool at level 4 is not quite ready yet..

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted and escorted to the Marriott Rewards members' private check-in area as I am a Marriott Rewards member.. In fact, this is my second time staying in a Marriott property (I stayed before in Marriott Courtyard Bangkok in one of the previous trips) and the first Marquis brand in Asia..

Bangkok Marriott Marquis facade


Marriott Rewards members' private check in area


Deluxe King 

An urn 


Shower overlooking the room

View from the room - city view
That's Dinosaur Park at Phrom Phong BTS station

First impression wowed me but I did come with a super high expectation of the hotel.. The hotel does live up to its 5-star image but what makes it even greater is the staff.. I have to admit in all my years of travelling, I have to say Marriott Marquis Bangkok has the best staff.. Very friendly, courteous and with the personal attention given, not just to us but to the rest of the guests as well..

As my birthday was coming up, the hotel gladly hosted us dinner on our arrival day, and presented me with a birthday song and cake..

Undeniably my favourite section - fresh seafood!!

Western corner

Thai corner

Western corner

Dessert corner

Thai corner

Asian corner

Shellfish corner

Dessert corner

Cold cut corner

BBQ corner


Asian corner

A section of dining area

Chinese corner

Ingredients corner

Dessert corner

Making my wish with the coconut and coconut moose cake

Both of us xoxo

Cutting my cake lo

Cutting my cake... 

to be continued .....


  1. I just stayed at Marriot Jakarta and felt that was my best stay too. I will heed your advice to pick at Marriot Marquis Bangkok someday.

    Happy Birthday Eric. We are lovely Aquarians!

    1. Yep - guessed choosing Marriott is a good wise choice.. And Marquis Bangkok will not disappoint.. If my rate is cheaper than online rate/MR members rate or corporates, feel free to ask me for the rate!

      And thanks for the wish, hehe Aquarians rock!

  2. Happy birthday ya... Soo sweet o....


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