Tuesday, 3 January 2017

DBI Swimming Complex Complete Makeover

Foreground: Diving Pool
Background: 50m Olympic pool
DBI Swimming Complex, fondly known as MBI pool to Ipoh poeple, has finally been completely demolished for redevelopment into a modern swimming complex which is FINA-compliant.. the complex featured about 5 or 7 pools: on 50m Olympic sized pool (the first in Malaysia), a diving pool with 10m platforms, a wave pool, learning pool and kids pools. It also has 2 small tanks to wash feet (at least I think that's what they are for!)..

Most of the facilities are beyond repair and thus, the rebuilding is very much welcomed.. This was despite after a RM300k upgrade to the changing rooms..

Upgrading of the men's changing room (before)

The changing rooms after the upgrade.. the benches are not in yet (after)

When I was in Ipoh last weekend, the whole place was fenced up and buildings were flattened already.. Nothing much to see..

The complex was built in 1983, which is the same age as me.. This was the swimming pool that I learnt swimming, diving and coaching juniors some 22 years ago.. This was also the pool where I took my lifeguard training.. 

The new swimming complex will be reopened in March 2018, in time for Sukan Malaysia 2018 (Sukma) which Perak is the host, at a cost of RM40mil..

Let's hope once the new complex is open to the public, which I assume is after the Games, that it will be upkept properly.. and hopefully by that time, the dirty old men will be gone..

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