Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bangkok Trip Pt 2

The morning breakfast spread at Marriott Marquis Bangkok.. Sumptous and even better as we have the manager's attention and where coconuts were not available for other guests, we have ours brought to our table without us ordering for them for all the days..

Fruits coner

Cheese corner

Smoothie corner

Yogurt corner

Pastry corner

Egg benedict corner

Pancake corner

Dimsum corner - everything here contains pork

Eggs corner 

Cereal corner

Cold cuts

Western corner - contains pork

Fresh juices corner

Asian corner

Chinese croissant 

We also went to HOPS cafe, a dog cafe at the corner of Siam Center.. for THB150 it comes with one drink and 2 hours to play with the dogs, however I find the dogs there are not friendly.. they only stick to the owners and refuse to socialise.. so I'd rate this place as NO GO, save that money please..

Anti social dog who prefers to sleep

Other than that, will just finish this post up with some random pictures...

After You desserts - Centralworld.. The wait for the kakigori was 45 minutes even though the place was not crowded (it was around 3pm), but the wait for an ice-shaved dessert that long is just too much to take.. I don't think it's worth the wait.. especially when its THB215 (roughly RM28)!

When I went to check out why it took them so long, they were making all the kakigori at the same time, they would pile up about 10 orders and make them at one go, instead of making them as and when the orders come in..

For this, I rated this dessert place a 2 out of 5.. And I'm not going back..

Milo volcano kakigori THB215

Dinner in Asiatique.. THB40 for a tray full of fried chicken and 2 sides.. 

After I paid for the hotel room, I was offered a cheaper rate and hence, there was credit balance that I can use in the hotel.. so we ordered room service dinner to use up the credit balance.

Room service dinner - pad thai, juices and cake (not seen as I kept it in the fridge)

Flight back was on 18 January with TG417 - a Boeing 777-300ER and a newly refurbished one with more legroom.. As I was quite tired and sleepy, I slept soon after the plane took off and only wake up to eat, but I didn't really finish everything.. ordered some wine and continue to sleep..

Dinner TG417 BKKKUL - chicken rice

Last but not least, before checking out of the hotel, I have enough time to catch some tan as the sun was very bright.. so it's time for the pool and laze...

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