Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Lots of coins

A year ago, I began saving up the loose change I found in my pockets, bags, on the floor etc..

Little by little, I kept all of them and saved them all up..

Today, I opened up my jar and counted the coins, not much, only RM80 or so..

So 2016, I have planned something more fun.. I'm going to save each and every RM5 note that I've come across.. 

Hopefully in a year from now, i will have more than RM80 extra Hahahaha... I'll also continue to save up the loose change..

Try it, cos it's really fun to see your money - loose change - add up..


  1. 1ct & 5ct are obsolescent lately. I still have huge piles of them in my piggy banks. Lazy to sort them out...

    1. Well I have not seen 1 sen in a very long time.. Haha

      But 5 sen is very useful, especially in McDonalds where all the total will surely end with a 5.. or elsewhere with GST inclusive, then 5 sen will be useful..

      I hate getting them back so I spend the 5 sen as often as I can..

  2. I actually bought myself a wallet with a zipped compartment to put all the coins so I can spend it instead of leaving them here and there. Prevents me from getting too many coins when I buy the necessities

    1. Yeah.. now i need to do something about the coins..


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