Thursday, 7 January 2016

Just get over it

Well, some people are just not into Adele, Star Wars and Madonna..

For example, me.. I certainly won't be  willing to spend at least $108 to a concert ticket.. Maybe I'm not such a music-centric person; I gave up guitar lessons in grade 3.. I don't have a preference over which singer is better - if it's a good song, it's a good song.. 

Anyway in Malaysia, there's this television advertisement on Astro that labelled people who aren't into and haven't watched (any) Star Wars as "jakun".. In English, "jakun" means "aboriginal" or something to that effect..

Seriously.. I find that very unbecoming, and it shouldn't even be in a promotional advertisement.. What right does the producers have in calling people who aren't interested as aboriginal? They just showed everyone how mindless and brainless they are..

To each his own, some people just don't like it, get over it.. I've never watched any Star Wars episode since the 80s because I don't have any interests in sci-fi films or the subject matter.. I'm more of a comedy person, and also bitchy films are my numero uno must.. 

Haven't watch 2 Broke Girls? Devious Maids? Hot in Cleveland? What are you, a jakun? 

How's that sound?

Stop the labelling because it's not cool.. How would you like it we called you fans of (whatever) derogatory labels (I just did).

But it's okay, I just turn it off whenever the advertisement comes on.. It's just distasteful, I feel..

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