Sunday, 15 April 2018

Penang stint (part 1)

My stint in Penang began with the MITM Fair held in SPICE Arena end of March.. Working through travel fairs have been a norm for me, nothing new.. the challenge is selling a product that's not a big hit among the people here..

Nevertheless we did not go back empty handed..

The first hotel was Olive Tree which is opposite SPICE.. it's a pretty decent hotel, but the staffs are a bit of a blur case and unapologetic..

The twin room that I share with my colleague

When work becomes boring, you do stupid poses..

After all it ends, time to take a relaxing dip in the pool..
This is one of the dirtiest hotel pool (apart from MBS) that I've swam in..

The water stinks and smells and there's pretty eeky moss growing out of the tiles.. As you can see from the photo above, at the corners.. those green shit..

Nevertheless, took some sun shots and I got the hell out.. 

How about some self-admiration time?
I've lost some muscle definition and I am not happy!

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