Thursday, 11 January 2018

First post of 2018

Haha I hope I am not too late.. this shall be the first post of 2018, 11 days in..

Well, I have been quite busy with work, a new jobscope, new duties and new things to learn.. challenging? Yes, definitely..

I spent my New Year's Eve with friends, at a friend's house for belated Christmas, countdown and then also triple up as his housewarming party..

I was on leave for the last 2 weeks of December, literally doing nothing, running some errands, find friends, rekindled friendships and all..

Relationship? Still single and available..

Other than that, nothing else changed much.. still the same old me in a new year.. But I have a new motto: Don't like me cos I don't even like myself.


  1. Happy New Year to you. Hope to see you in Singapore. message me if you are here.

    1. Yea sure sure.. hahaah .. no plans to go SG at the moment..


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