Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Day 4: Childhood Fantasy Comes Alive, Twice. (Part 1/2)

15 Sept 2016 - Thursday


As a child, we all have our own fantasies.. some like men in uniforms (I think some of us still do), some like cars, some like planes, dinosaurs, etc..

I have always wanted to see actual dinosaur bones ever since I was a kid.. Those fake rubber/styrofoam dinosaurs they make at shopping malls and toy stores just doesn't make the cut at all.. I wanted to see real bones dug up from deep beneath our feet..

The first time I actually saw real dinosaur bones, albeit no touching, was in Brisbane in Sept 2014 when the science museum had them up..

Fast forward 2 years later, I knew I must make the trip to London's Natural History Museum, as the museum is particularly famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons and ornate architecture —sometimes dubbed a cathedral of nature — both exemplified by the large Diplodocus cast which dominates the vaulted central hall (interestingly this cast is a replica of the actual bones of the one found in Pennsylvania) ..

I did, and I was pleasantly pleased to see so many dinosaur bones up close, mostly intact and almost complete, they only have to replicate 10-20% of the missing bones!

Many of the actual bones here are also behind sealed glass casings, while some are out in the open but unreachable..

Natural History Museum, London

Selfie at the main entrance

Main entrance

Dippy at the main hall


This is a bastard

This is an unknown mammal that squats.
It is now extinct.

Real Iguanadon teeth..

Statue of Charles Darwin

The main hall from the steps, as seen from Charles Darwin's lap

Hey dinosaurs! What do you think you're doing!

Giant prawn caught up there....

Stego somethingsomething


One of the most complete fossils

One heck of a big one here

Big rhinosaur


Extinct giant..  like a bear-cum-elephant I think


Sea dinosaurs

T-rex with its make-up skin on

The mammals hall from the balcony, middle is a full-sized sperm whale

Mammal Hall

Huge ass antlers 



Entering Earth's core

From the 3rd floor of Earth Hall.. 

Real jaw bones of more dinosaurs/reptiles

Small dinosaur

This black thing is a moon rock, given to United Kingdom by United States

The stairway of the main hall

Inside Earth hall exhibit

I played God.

After I am done with Natural History Museum, I crossed over to the Science Museum next door.. No offence to the British people, but I think this is the most boring museum ever.. I left after 15 minutes, but not after I was made to part with 1 Pound Sterling as "donation"..

They call it "donation", in fact the word donation was used countless of times from the entrance to the turnstile, and I mean many times.. I called it, "please pay some money if you want to enter this rubbish museum".. 

Why I said so? They placed 1 staff before each turnstile gate to make sure you actually "donate"!!

"Hello sir, welcome, kindly donate some money to enjoy the Science Museum!"

Would you say no? 

The staff actually waited for me to open up my coin purse before saying "please proceed and have a nice day!"

Steam engine

I don't know what's this.
There's no explanation.. There's no whatsoever saying what it is!
And I think it's rubbish.

Yeah one huge giant loop that no one knows what's it for and what message it is looping. 

The most interesting is this globe, an educational general knowledge of energy consumption on our planet. 

"Fake" NASA moon landing spacecraft
How real is it? What is this doing in London?

Antiques which you're not allowed to touch.. Security guards are everywhere giving you the cockstare.

Of the 15 minutes, I spent most of my time in the space exhibition hall.. The human anatomy, while itself an interesting thing, is like kindergarten to me.. it appeals more to 5 year old kids to explore and learn, not so much for adults.. 

In fact, kids will enjoy this museum more.. It's heavy use of interactive and voice control experiments are more suited for kids.. 

Even the IMAX inside here seems like nobody..

Next, Part 2, I will write about Victoria And Albert Museum, where I spent the entire afternoon until its closing time in, from ancient to medieval to modern Europe, and sculptures! 

At night after dinner, I went to explore some gay place in SOHO.. Read next to find out where I went!  

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