Thursday, 29 September 2016

Day 3: Theme park outing and how I injured my shoulder

14 Sept 2016 - Wednesday
Today I was scheduled to enjoy the whole day out at Thorpe Park, a theme park half an hour outside London..

The ticket entrance was £27.99 but as a themepark lunatic, a ride on the roller coasters won't be enough, so I bought an express pass which allowed me to fast tracked to the front of the queue of all the roller coasters, again, for £30.

The opening hours that day was 10am to 5pm, and I took the train from Waterloo Station to Staines, half an hour journey.. From Staines, I hopped on to the shuttle bus which costs £3.70 return.. The bus ride was about 10 minutes stopping once in Elmleigh Shopping Mall before continuing on..

The express pass was good for all 5 roller coasters.. as I was there before the park opened, I managed to finished one round of all the rides by noon.. then I wandered around the park, before going on to use the express pass for the afternoon half, finishing second round around 4pm, then I had a quick bite of KFC, before leaving the park at 4.45pm..

Let me tell you, front row seats are freaking awesome!
This pic - she's digging into my head! 

This is no photoshop.. Can I win a prize now? 

The lake in which Thorpe Park sits on, can you spot the swans?

Main entrance of Thorpe Park, taken from the bus stand in the evening as I was leaving

Staines Railway Station

Southwest Train

So I bought the official roller coaster photo on the Stealth, my favourite ride, although just 7 seconds. 

Pass by this small town on the way back to London.. loved the riverfront houses!

I injured my shoulder on one of the rides - The Saw, which I think is too violent hahahaha.. but I still love it nonetheless..

Here's the Youtube video of front row seat, which I also sat in the front row..

For other front row seats on roller coasters in Thorpe Park you can youtube it..
- The Stealth
- The Swarm
- Nemesis Inferno
- Colossus
- The Saw

I also went on Ghost Train, it is an immersive experience where you wear the goggles and they show you gory zombies set in a after-Earth-like setting.. as it is an immersive experience, you will feel people touching you as per what you are looking at..

You will smell stuffs.. and hear screams and whatnots.. And most of all, the "emergency evacuation" seemed all to real cos the staff really act it out like "go go go you have to evacuate NOW NOW NOW".. and then you see a huge train speeding towards you..

Ok that's so much I'm sharing.. if you are in London, go and try it out.. it's awesome..

The next day I went to the museums where my childhood fantasy awaits.. No, its not hot men...


  1. I don't want all these, share with us your experience in Vault !!!

    1. Hahaha... unfortunately, it wasn't a good experience in Vault..
      Posted though, thanks for reminding me!


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