Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Day 4: Victoria & Albert Museum & The Nude Gay Bar (Part 2/2)

15 Sept 2016 - Thursday


Spent the entire afternoon in Victoria & Albert Museum, which I found it to be quite interesting as they have plenty of exhibits from ancient to medieval to modern Europe, and other uninteresting things (like Asian history, a little part of religions etc), and lots of sculptures!

The front of V&A Museum

Ceiling of the main lobby

Main lobby

Main Lobby 

"So, should we join in?"

Are they Victoria & Albert?

Write a caption about this picture

So I wrote a caption for the picture above this one.. 

I tried on the ruff.. Boy, its freaking ugly! I wonder why men those times would wanna wear it.

The armoured glove.. it's pretty heavy but comfortable!

Sculptures on a verrrrryyyy long corridor... seems like never ending one..

The naked tits in the middle of the hall

The inner courtyard of the museum

Inner courtyard

Dining hall

The main door

There's also a corner to try on stuffs and play with the exhibits, which I did show below..

Before ending my day, I walked over to Harrods Departmental Store to check it out.. and have dinner in SOHO, the gay epicentre..



Standing in the middle of the road in front of Harrods

Main escalator

Harrods Floor directory

Go up the escalator inside Harrods

Look at the ceiling!

The gents..

Can you see what the bottles are on the sinks??
Bottles of freaking branded perfumes!!
I just wished I had my bag with me hahahahaa....

Dodi and Princess Diana memorial on the LG floor

The statue of Princess Diana and Dodi

Too early to light up the Harrods signboard, its about 5pm...

Harrods word

After dinner, I went to Vault..

Vault on Thursday (and Monday) nights are nude bar.. Which means you pay for the cover charge of £8 which covers for a drink and the entrance.. and then you are given a basket to put your clothes and personal belongings before passing it back to the staff managing the cloakroom..

It is a basement bar with some dark rooms and some private cubicles, very much similar to the one I went to in Amsterdam (Church Club - nude bar on Wednesday).. Actually, I don't like it here.. I prefer Church Club..

The first thing I noticed is the people here are not friendly, which is a stark contrast of what I found British on the outside to be - friendly and helpful.. But underground here, it's a total opposite..

Being a minority there among the sea of white and black men of various shapes and sizes, I felt kinda out of the place.. Not only are Asians *not exactly the focus point*, Asians are also far too few here.. other than myself, I only saw maybe 1 or 2 other Asian guys in there among the hundreds of men..

The music are blaring loud and it's not possible to even tell your orders to the bartender, I had to point to what the other guys were having to tell the bartender what I wanted..

At the peak of the night about 8pm or 9pm, it was very crowded they stopped accepting walk-ins.. There's no walking space inside and basically everyone was brushing naked bodies against one another..

Action taking place pretty much anywhere except at the bar and "lounge" area and the small corner where we undress and dress.. Even guys do blowjobs and fuck just about anywhere, even in the toilet..

No - I left after 2 drinks and after someone blew me for a while but I wasn't in the mood of shooting so I got dressed and left..

It's a good thing shoes are compulsory..

If you ask me, nope, I will not return here again the next time, even though it's cheap.. Like all the reviews, I kinda agree what "cleanliness" means in cruising places like these in London..

The very subtle and hidden entrance between 2 shoplots..

Next: Buckingham Palace and walking around London at night..


  1. I could imagine the pungent mixed odour of poppers, cums, alcohol, sweat... I wouldn't like to stay in a pub like this, simply filthy. Anyway good to have the experience :)

    1. You're right! All those smells mixed together with the smell of cheap lube.. it's not very pleasant..

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!
      One more nude experience post coming up :)

  3. Enjoy reading your blog. Hope we can travel together some day.

    1. Thank you!
      Haha.. That'll depends on various factors!

  4. Enjoy your blog. Hope we can travel together some day.


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