Thursday, 31 March 2016

Suddenly Langkawi

Last weekend, I made an impromptu decision to just getaway.. I have no destination in mind, so I just anyhow picked a place which has a beach, and then fly away..

I picked Langkawi of course.. and booked a room whose resort is located beachfront on Pantai Cenang, in the middle of all the bustling activities yet quiet enough and secluded.. It is Sunset Beach Resort.. small but cosy enough..

As I am selling Firefly, I booked a return flight from Subang to Langkawi on the super cheap fares and off I went.. I also pre-reserved the rental car from Andaman World Holidays and I got a new Almera car..

Arriving in Langkawi

I gotten the Preferred Seat among the last few rows..  

Initially it was meant to be a solo trip, but when Alvin heard I was going, he asked if he could crash.. well, since I am already going anyway and have paid all the bookings, I said okay and asked him to come, on the premise that he be the photographer and "butler" HAHAHA..

First up.. my own photos.. and in the next post, the photos that he took of me.. I must say, they are gorgeous.. If you have seen my instagram, the photos are up..

My room



The reeption
Dinner was at Kapal Layar Seafood Restaurant.. 

Dinner was at Kapal Layar Seafood Restaurant. From the photo is where our table is.. Facing the sunset, it was really a peaceful romantic place to have dinner.. The seafood is fresh.. We ordered a fish, prawn, a huge plate of sotong, satay, vegetables, and drinks and rice for both of us, and the bill is only about RM200.. which is reasonable considering that we over-ordered..

From the beach you can see how secluded and private the beach is.. totally void of people in the morning.. and that's where I spent the 2 mornings sitting around doing nothing at the beach..

to be continued...


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