Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Christian who happened to be gay

It's Easter Sunday, have a good one..

I am called to try to find and list down churches in Malaysia who are "welcoming" and "all inclusive" to people who are gay.. I know many of my friends are active members of their churches but most prefer to keep their sexual orientation silent..

There is one and only one openly gay church in which I attend, the Good Samaritan Metropolitan Community Church pastored by Ps Joe and Ps Travis, occasionally we will have visiting Pastors during our Sunday service..

GSKL is on the expanding mission and will be moving to a new premises three times larger from its current location now, still in Viva Mall, come May.. No exact date has been given yet as the new place is currently under renovation..

Back to the topic of this post, I am looking to list down all other churches denominations which gay Christians can feel safe and warmly welcomed to worship God..

There is no need to reveal who you are, but if you do go to one or know of one, feel free to anonymously leave a comment and I will update this post as we go along, or you can choose to drop me an email/Facebook message or whatever..  I just want to merely list down all the churches as a resource for those who are lost to find a church which they can go to and at the same time, be welcomed..

Help me out.


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