Thursday, 17 September 2015

Slide The City Malaysia!

So Slide The City has arrived in Malaysia!

It's a 1000ft long water slide laid out on the road and you just slide on it, for one time, three times or unlimited times..

Registration is now open for those who have pre-registered for the interests to be the firsts to purchase the tickets.. I did, but the fact that the location is in Putrajaya is already a turn off for me, it's so damn far, about 50km away or 1 hour plus drive in normal traffic.. Furthermore, the tickets aren't exactly what we are hoping for..

Tickets are allotted based on sessions on the day chosen..

(but anyway I still bought the tickets.. FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF IT)

Ticket prices.
Now starting at "Loyalty" already.. .

Are you going?

Public sales begin 22 Sept onwards.. 

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