Thursday, 3 September 2015

Birthday Parties

A friend posted a status update in Facebook today regarding to bringing presents to birthday parties.. It got me thinking..

Really. do people not bring present anymore to birthday parties?

Maybe we have all grown up, and parties may sound like something for the kids.. But a present is still a present, in my humble opinion..

I used to organised my own birthday parties until one year I heard nasty comments from sour people that I only organise to get presents.. Well, if you have to think that way, maybe that's why you are not invited..

I used to love entertaining and I used to love parties at home, whether mine or others.. I used to have gatherings almost every other weekend.. But that was before..

It got me thinking - by me withdrawing from social life, I have essentially withdrew myself from most parties.. Those that I go to, it's very selective and it's because of the host.. I don't host gatherings and parties at home anymore..

Maybe as we grew older, we tend to appreciate the sanctuary of our own homes more.. I would certainly enjoy a quiet time by myself doing the things I like.. or I'd be out somewhere..

I may want to prove social critics wrong.. maybe I should organise my next year's birthday party.. but the sad thing is, my birthday most often would coincide with Chinese New Year.. and next year it will be about a week before CNY, most probably people would have started leaving town already, and in 2017, it's on the actual day..

It may be in one of those bar kinda environment.. I am not opening up my home.. Then again, the idea of an adult birthday parties would most likely involve heavy drinking.. I don't drink (much, or beer)..

If I organise, would you come?


  1. nowadays where got people do party, if gathering like makan makan outside got la, besides i believe gift giving should be done in a sincere form, but then, i guess most people give gifts just for the sake of not going empty handed, or simply in hope that they would get back something from them on their birthdays :)

  2. I will. If the host invite me! 😚😊


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