Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Disneysea Dismayland

Maybe I really have grown up..

But frankly speaking, the only Disneysea in the world in Tokyo, failed to live up to its name as the happiest place on earth.. Somehow, I felt (strongly) that Universal Studios Japan beats Disneysea anytime..

I used to like Disneyland, even Disneyland Hong Kong can excite me, but I guess when I went to Tokyo Disneysea, I had an expectation so high that I disappoint myself..

The day started ok.. by time finish the first ride, it began to turn cloudy rather quickly and soon it was pouring..

Waiting for your text...
Why don't you call me....

I kinda like this ride.. quite short but it has all the thrills elements

And the iconic Mickey ice-cream...

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