Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sometimes when I am bored...

Then I will take selfies.. and I will keep taking until I am pretty satisfied..

So then, this is also a lame post because I am bored.. I rarely join class these days (except BodyBalance) so what I do normally is to just workout..

I go on turbo basis (ie non-stop working out) on a particular muscle group until I tire myself out and yep that's how my workout regime is.. I don't spend hours in the gym because research has shown that workout is less effective the longer you spend in the gym..

Also, I really cringe and can't stand those who orgasm in the gym.. those who "ahh ahh" continuously (as if lah people don't know they're working out..).. It's an annoyance.. Even with my headphones and music blaring loud, I can still hear them..

I wonder what's the point.. Can't they workout silently like the rest of the normal people?

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