Monday, 6 March 2017

I can draw

I enjoy drawing ever since I was a kid.. but I decided I didn't want to make it my bread and butter because I knew that may kill the passion..

6 years ago I registered my own graphic design business to make money legally (in the eyes of the tax authorities and the bank, that is).. I declared all the money I make and paid the taxes.. It's not a big thing, just merely spending my free time designing for small business owners who can't afford hefty designing fees.. Having said that, I do not do work for free..

I was with Abric Berhad for a mere 2 months, but I hailed my employment there a success having been able to contribute to brighten up the newly renovated office in Solaris Mont Kiara.. My short stint also saw me qualified myself as an ISO9001 internal auditor (quality management systems)..

Till this day, I am surprised how I am able to achieve all that in such short period of time.. I quit before confirmation because I realised that job wasn't what I was hired for to do.. I spent every working day attending sales meetings which I fucking dreaded, doing powerpoints, going through raw excel data and not making sense of what the data means, sitting in the factory and engineering room doing nothing productive..

But I was able to convince the Chairman to let me make use of my working time to design wall graphics.. so I got to work..

And when my job was done, I left with dignity and contributed something to the company that I wasn't even in long for..


  1. Nice post, and good design. I didn't kn ow you were an ISO9001 auditor. I was a certified external auditor and helped design an ISO9001 certified quality system at my next to last job.

    1. Thanks!

      Haha, yes ISO9001 was a pain in the ass - its like picking up nitty gritty details and makes me truly understand why everyone in the world hates auditors~


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