Friday, 9 December 2016

Day 8: Last Day in London

Day 8: 19 Sept - Monday

My last day in London.. I would fly back to Kuala Lumpur on MH1, which was a night flight from London Heathrow Terminal 4..

As I woke up in, I decided to go for a walk and then go to check out Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station, while touring St Pancras..

The giant clock in St Pancras International

St Pancras International, the platform
St Pancras International - Platform on the upper floor, shops on the lower floor

Facade of St Pancras International

Beside St Pancras is King's Cross.. it is where Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4 is and the Harry Potter shop is located beside it.

King's Cross Station

Paid area of King's Cross
The queue.. From this point onwards its 45minutes..

The embedded trolley

I'm with Gryffindor!

Outside HP shop

After that I went to Westfield Statford City and took a glimpse at the Olympic Park.. I went on last minute shopping there and bought myself some clothes from Primark..

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

All in all, my London trip expenses came to about RM8k inclusive of flights, but it's also one of the best solo trips I've taken and the people I've met..

As I learnt, all Malaysia Airlines flight depart from either Gate 6A or 6B which the information won't show up on the departures screen until the check-in counters are closed, which is like an hour before departure..

3 bags (one on my back) and a paperbag

Checking into Heathrow Terminal 4

Byebye London!


Ahh.. the aircraft is being prepared..

Don't get me started on talking about Heathrow check-in and the terminal.. It's horrible!

Level 3 Zone H is where you do the tax-refund, which is horrible to the horrible to the horrible!! It's packed like sardines, the officers are slow like shit, the people are like, well, I'll reserve my xeno comments..

Because of that, I have to repack my bags and take out all the items I've bought that I want to claim tax refund, because the officer will want to see the items. NO ITEMS NO TAX REFUND. And then I have to go through the customs and get the tax refund settled inside..

I also learnt that you don't need to stamp your passport on departure from the UK.. I wasn't the only person wondering if I have missed the passport control counters.. cos other people too ask me if I have seen any counters or not.. it didn't cross my mind until I was in Malaysia..

Upper deck and business class passengers will use one gate, while first class and main deck economy passengers use another gate..

All settled into my seat.. 34A

Taking off 

Start of the longest flight I've flown

Dinner.. or rather supper..


Arriving KLIA


I tried to get some sleep on the 13 hours flight home, but unfortunately, even though it's night and bedtime in London, I couldn't sleep at all.. In fact, I did not sleep at all on the flight..

The plane landed in KLIA around 7pm, and after clearing immigration and all, I was home around 10pm and headed off straight to bed as next day need to work..

Next solo trip, where? 
Maybe Canada since Malaysians will no longer require visa to enter Canada.. a good CND200 savings there..


  1. visa-free to Canada? when?

    1. According to insider sources, by right January 2017 visa-free for Asian nationals...

  2. but I read news saying it's not true.
    would be nice though if visa-free.

    1. You're right, may not be true.

      Oh well.. still can go USA in 2018 lol


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