Sunday, 15 May 2016

Australia 2 (2016)

Last month, I went to Australia with my family.. It was the first time in more than 2 decades the entire family travelled together.. I remembered the last time we all travelled together was when I was still in primary school.. I mean holiday, not balik kampung..

So when my parents suggest we should go for a holiday, we narrowed it down to either Iceland or Australia.. and since Australia was a better option, and my nephew's first time on an airplane and one that would take 8 hours, it was an obvious choice..

So we started planning after CNY and two months later, we were in Singapore to catch our Qantas flight.. So in the next few blog posts (over y-number of posts, that is lol!), I shall write about my trip...

The family comprises of my parents, brother, sister, bro-in-law, nephew and myself.. 7 of us travelled together as a family for the first time.. And my nephew was only 23 months, but one lucky boy to have gone on his first flight before his second birthday...

We left Kuala Lumpur on 20 April and only came back on 1 May..

KULSIN: Malaysia Airlines codeshared with Qantas
SINMEL: Emirates codeshared with Qantas
MELSYD: Qantas
SYDSIN: Qantas
SINKUL: Malaysia Airlines codeshared with Qantas

As you can see, I flew on Qantas and it's easily codeshared between oneworld partner, Malaysia Airlines and the flight into Australia was operated by Emirates.. For all these flights, it only costs me RM2.4k, which is considered to be quite cheap.. 

The last time I was in Australia was on my solo trip in Sept 2014.. that time I flew Malaysia Airlines into Brisbane, flew Tiger and Jetstar domestic, and back to KL from Melbourne on Malaysia Airlines also, and that tickets costs close to RM2k... 2014 dollars, that is...

Flight 1/5: KUL-SIN on Malaysia Airlines.. We're flying into Singapore and transit onto Qantas

Flight 1/5: Selfie on the plane

As it was around 10pm when we landed in Singapore, I was already tired and sleepy.. From here it's another 2 hours of wait before hopping on to the next flight enroute to Melbourne..

Flight 2/5: Emirates operated flight, taking off from Changi Airport to Melbourne.. It was quite empty on this A380..

Flight 2/5: As usual, I like to take pic of the seat..

Selfie once settled in, and the flight took off...

Flight path tonight.. It's an 8 hour flight through the night..

I was trying to get some sleep when the meal service start, well 2 hours into the flight.. aka 1am!!

And this was dinner.. I was given 2 bottles of wine because I cannot decide if I want the red or white..

At 40,000ft, I cannot sleep, throughout the flight, so I paid US$1 for 500MB of data and kept on surfing and Whatsapp, and turning on my G and J apps..

The morning sky somewhere as the plane prepares to descend..

Breakfast service an hour before landing.. Simple and nothing that I wouldn't eat..

On final approach into Melbourne Airport.. I caught this view on the plane's head camera..

Touch down - Welcome to Melbourne, Australia.. from here it's another 2 hours through the immigration!

Preparing to call my pickup service using the tollfree phones..

And this began my 12-days holiday to Australia..


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