Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Still here

I'd like to apologise for the quietness lately.. Cos I am in Australia at the moment!

Will only be back next week.

I have plenty to write from the last few trips and I'm sure it'll be a backlog when I get back! 

For now, some pics for you guys..

A much better shot this time vs the last trip..

The Puffing Billy entrance 

Seat-to-seat instant messaging makes the impossible possible, fancy someone you like? Text him then.


  1. Seat-to-seat messaging onboard? Interesting feature. Any success? :)

    1. Yup, just enter the seat number and start chatting away!

      Hahaha.. Too bad no success.. I even turn on wifi and J and G and nah, I'm all alone in the sky...

    2. Even if you found someone through J&G you can't get a quickie onboard :)

    3. Hehe, opportunities aplenty!
      Night flight, 8 hours of opportunity... quite empty flight.. A380.. and what else.. oh toilet :)


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