Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 3: Gold Coast, Day 4: CBD & Redcliffe

Day 3 we took a drive to Gold Coast for a day trip as the kids won't be able to endure the long distance. Conquering Surfers Paradise was one of the highlight in Gold Coast although no doubt had we stay 2-3 days it will even be better! 

And some sun burn later yet it didn't affect me any bit!

As for Day 4, spend the morning going to CBD, bought lottery tickets hoping to strike a million dollars (lol, no I didn't win any), and some history lessons and then took a drive to Redcliffe to enjoy the Pacific Ocean from the jetty. 

My friend truly knows I love sea and beach! Hahaha..

This wraps up the first part of my journey in Australia as my first #AussieAdventure.. 

Tomorrow I'll be flying to Sydney where I'll go for some excursions to learn more about selling Australia.. It will be a quick stopover in Sydney for just a few days.. 

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