Monday, 8 September 2014

24,665km Trip

Very excited to go on the first part of a total of 24,665km journey this month and next month all combined.. 

First up is Australia - the trip was very impromptu and I just bought the tickets to "console" myself after going through a breakup.. I would like to get away from all and just have no plans and no itinerary and just go.. Every time I'm at an airport, I feel like "eeni mini maini mo" and randomly choose a destination and just go, and I will do that one day..

And because it's my virgin trip Down Under, I've just decided to do the main main tourists stuffs, such as Gold Coast, climbing Syndey Bridge, going to Great Ocean Road, the zoos... Probably find a couple hours to look see look see the gay scenes, the saunas and what nots lol... Shopping wasn't a major thing for me but I'm kill for outlet shopping especially hunting for LesMills-Reebok stuffs.. 

Unfortunately the operator for Yarra Valley whom I'm supposed to follow using my travel agent rate was uncontactable, so I'll have an extra day lol, probably just spend it at St Kilda :) 

Also not missing out on nude beach, if I can find my way lol... 

Pluck in LesMills Q3 workshop and going to Shane's class in Melbourne, I'm like, getting a good workout in between my holiday! Lol.

I'm very lucky to have friends in every major Australian city that is ever so willingly let me crash, because we all know how expensive accommodation is! For roughly $100 a night, I have saved $1.3k in all 13 nights! That's freaking RM4k!! A big shoutout to my primary school friend in Brisbane who took leave to lepak with me in exchange to babysit his kids (LOL!!!), to my first ever Singaporean friend now in Sydney whom I knew online more than 15 years ago and to a blogreader-turned-friend-cum-BODYCOMBAT comrade in Melbourne... THANK YOU for taking me in!!! 

Sorry friends in Perth (MK and the rest!), I'll have to skip Perth this time around, not enough time, not enough money and flight routing wasn't in my favour anyway.. I promise I'll do Perth next time! 

I'll write more when I get back in 2 weeks time! 
Signing off, Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!! 

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