Thursday, 31 July 2014


After more than 8 years writing on, I have finally retired it yesterday.. Please update your link (if you are linking to the old blog) - thanks! Just add a "2" only hahaha...
May 2006 - 30 July 2014

Garnering a decent 1.8m pageviews.. It used to be hitting an average 5K page views daily when I was writing about juicy bits and pieces, but now, it has dropped to just around 250..

I used to earn thousands of ringgit over the years from writing from both Google Adsense and Glitterari Nuffnang at different times but ever since it got flagged (I eventually know who irrevocably flagged the blog), my earnings has dropped to almost zilch.. nil.. cos they both don't serve flagged blogs.. thank you ah.. thank you ah..

So here's to a new start... with fresh contents and writings more from a personal point of view..

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