Saturday, 8 April 2017

Surviving a head-on collision

Accidents can really happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone..

Last night, my friends and I walked away pretty much unscathed except some small cuts from a head-on collision with a drunk driver who drove into our direction, he was drunk and speeding on a residential road..

My friend who was driving, we all have just left home to go out for dinner around 7.30pm, couldn't avoid him as there's no space to swerve.. The other guy had come straight on from opposite and crashed into us..

I was seated at the back of the driver and had no time to brace for impact, I slammed forward into the headrest and cut my own lips and lacerated my right elbow, probably from the side trying to hold on..

My left hand was in front of my chest and for a moment I felt a sharp pain in my chest, but after regaining our composure, my breathing eased and the pain went away and I was like, "what the fuck just happened"

I could've elbowed myself..

Both front passengers are okay, the airbag of the Toyota didn't pop.. then we check on the driver of the other car, he has more cuts on his arms and his Proton Saga airbag popped and he reeks of alcohol..

Clearly intoxicated and unable to talk straight, he called for his family members to come while we sat by the roadside and checking on one another sure none of us have any other injuries, while my friend makes calls to the police and insurance company to send a tow truck..

The front of both cars were smashed and unable to move.. The impact caused the other car to glide to the side and stopped by the roadside but the trail of debris and his engine oil provided real clues as to where we collided and how his car moved..

I was too busy tending to my own lips that I didn't take any photos but my friends did, which the police took the photos as evidence into consideration.. Gotten myself a bag of iced tea to gargle the blood and chew on the ice to stop the bleeding..

After both parties finished negotiations, we went to just get dinner at the restaurant beside the scene while waiting for the tow truck.. after that, we headed to the police station.. Ended the night with some dessert..

It could've been worse but we're just lucky everyone walked away in one piece..

Take away lesson:
- time is short, treasure everyday..
- fasten seatbelts all the time, even in the back seats and even driving in residential area..
- remain calm..

Gotta bandage up the cuts on my elbow

As it happened


  1. Omg!!!
    Get well soon.Hug.

    1. ntg le.. i opened up the bandage and its just scars..

  2. OMG! I'm glad you emerged relatively OK. Those kinds of collisions can be very serious. Did the police arrest or charge the drunken driver?

    1. Yeah it could've been worse but thank goodness.. Well, as we speak I believe investigations are still ongoing but I doubt they are going to do anything about it. Because this is Malaysia, nothing much ever gets done if nobody is killed.

  3. Take care and am glad nothing serious happened :)


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